Assessment form master thesis defense

It is helpful to know the graduation deadlines when discussing plans with the committee.

Assessment form master thesis defense

The proposal for the committee should contain: The size of the room depends on the expected number of people, so we kindly ask you to indicate this number.

Inviting the Audience The thesis defense session is public, and you can invite anyone, including family and friends. Your advisors can invite people as well. Since there will be no general announcement of newsletter by the University, you will have to invite people yourself.

Defending your Master Thesis Once you have finished your research and you have written a report approved by your supervisor, you are ready to defend your Master Thesis project.

Delivering the Thesis to the Defense Committee You should give a printed copy to each member of the Defense Committee; electronic versions are only acceptable as a substitute if a committee member agrees.

Please make sure the copies are delivered to the Committee members at least two weeks 14 days before the Master Thesis defense will take place.

Your presentation about your work, in English, should take approximately 25 minutes.

assessment form master thesis defense

This presentation should strive for a nice balance between a general introduction, so that the lay members of the public know what you have done and why, and a more technical part for your peers.

You are not required to go into all the details, since the committee members have read your thesis.

assessment form master thesis defense

After the presentation, the audience has the opportunity to ask questions. Questions from the Defense Committee, for about 30 minutes. Each member will ask 2 or 3 questions on your thesis and work, moderated by the session chair.

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The committee withdraws for minutes to decide upon your grade using an evaluation form, with supporting information from your supervisor. You will be invited in and they will explain the final grade to you in a closed session.

You then return to the presentation room together and subsequently your supervisor is invited to speak some congratulatory words.

Final grade The grade is determined by the committee members and should be stated on the Final assessment form. The form can be found below.1. D ef ic n t2. Accep able 3. Proficient 4. Exemplary Communications Skills: The ability to express oneself clearly, accurately, and professionally in both oral and written form.

Level of communications skills reflected in the thesis/report. c Reflects unacceptable. Assessment Scale: The table below is not an grading matrix, but contains criteria that have to help the assessors situate the master’s thesis within the different aspects.

The final obtained mark is a weighted average of these different aspects. MS Thesis Defense Assessment Form; Forms: Master's at UTHSCSA. Form 31 - MS Admission to Candidacy; Form 40 - Request for Final Defense; Form 41 - Ms Report on Final Oral; Form 42 - MS Composition of Supervising Committee *for use by students enrolled only at UTHSCSA at a given semester.

Forms: Master's at UTSA. Thesis Proposal Approval. The assessment of Master’s theses pays attention to general assessment principles on the one hand, and on the special features of different types of research on the other.

Student will be rated on a scale of (Poor / Fair / Satisfactory / Good/ Excellent). Committee members should provide an assessment for each measure, sign the form at the bottom, and submit the form to the chair at the end of defense. Sample Thesis Pages (revised January ) The Graduate College.

Form Master’s Students. Number of signatures required for. master’s students = student’s adviser (at least one signature in the Coffee consumption before thesis defense. Time before thesis defense Average daily intake.

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