Dell company anlaysis

Now, in a market that is ever changing, competitors are challenging Dell with new and unique products in an effort to overcome the superiority of the Direct Model. The growth and development of laptop computers is a primary area in which Dell can work for continued success, despite the threats posed by its competitors. In developing a new laptop computer, Dell would like to target three specific segments. The first, business executives generally receive their computers from their employer through a direct relationship with a manufacturer or a supplier.

Dell company anlaysis

The growing economy accelerates corporate spending and HP is well positioned to benefit from it. The company has increased its investments in the market and expanded product and service offerings, especially its enterprise business and services divisions.

Strategic expansion into Chinese Dell company anlaysis may result in a strong competitive advantage for the business in the near future.

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It is also one of the major providers of service network products. The company has a significant market reach all over the world in nearly all of the markets it operates. This has resulted in a strong brand reputation. Although slowly, HP has been diversifying its product portfolio and moving from its main Personal Systems business to more profitable and lucrative enterprise solutions and services business.

The company now offers thousands of different products and services.

Dell company anlaysis

Weaknesses Poor competency in acquisitions. Over the last 10 years, HP has acquired at least 50 technology companies. This acquisition has revealed how incompetent HP was when acquiring the company.

No other HP competitor has experienced such an acquisition failure in the decade. HP still heavily depends on sales from PC, especially laptops. The market for PC has matured and is expected to grow very slowly or even decline after a few years. Poor presence in the tablet market. The tablet market has been growing and is expected to grow in double digits over the next few years.

Most of other technology businesses have successfully introduced their products in the tablet market and have enjoyed huge income and profit growth.

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Although HP had its TouchPad tablet model and later introduced its Slate series tablets into the market, the company has failed to offer an attractive product for consumers. As a result, the business experiences losses and is unable to compete successfully in this lucrative market with companies like Samsung and Apple.

Opportunities Expand services and enterprise solutions divisions. The company should focus on growing these divisions as they promise better growth opportunities and higher profit margins.

Increasing demand of cloud based services. Currently, HP is offering many services related with cloud computing and is well positioned to benefit from the growing market.

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Acquisition of more technology related patents.Dell Case Study Words | 10 Pages. environment of Dell Computer which enabled them to compete with other PC competitor. A case study from the instructor about Dell was provided to help with the internal and external analysis of the company in relation .

Dell company anlaysis

Dell EMC provides the infrastructure you need to derive business outcomes from your Big Data. Address massive capacity while supporting traditional and next-gen applications by .

Apple business overview from the company’s financial report: “The Company designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices and personal computers, and sells a variety of related software, services, accessories, networking solutions . Strength.

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1) Dell’s Direct Business Model which consist of the five principles: Most efficient path to the customer – through direct relationship with no intermediaries to add cost and confusion Single Point of accountability – so that resources necessary to meet customer needs can be easily marshaled in support of complex challenges.

About Dell Inc. Dell Technologies made its name as a supplier of built-to-order personal computers. Now, as a bigger, more mature company, Dell wants to build-to-order answers to its customers' IT needs.

Dell is growing its enterprise solutions and services business which changed the revenue stream of the company. Services revenue has weighted more on total revenues year after year.

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