Essay disrespect noncommissioned officer

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Essay disrespect noncommissioned officer

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Respecting a Non-Commissioned Officer Essay Sample Respect is defined as a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important or serious; and should be treated as so.

A Non-Commissioned Officer is defined as a subordinate officer such as a sergeant in the army, air force, or marine corps appointed from among enlisted personnel.

Noncommissioned officer has through his or hers experience, been placed in a position to lead, supervise and train soldiers.

A Non-Commissioned Officer is a highly respected role in the Army and those in that role demand respect, and deserve it. To become an NCO you have to be doing something right. You are getting looked at as doing above and beyond your peers.

Essay disrespect noncommissioned officer

As an NCO you are the one setting the standard, you have soldiers looking up to you, seniors looking down at you and even your peers watching you and judging every move you make. To be an NCO is a hard task, a task made ever harder when you have soldiers that disrespect you, disregard what you say or make you look anything but stellar in front of others.

If you are wrong you deserve to be called on it, but tactfully especially by a subordinate. We are taught the golden rule in elementary school; do unto others what you would have done to yourself. That is the short version of respect.

If it is engrained into our minds at such a young age why is it so easy for people to forget what it means, or forget how to show respect? Yes, respect is earned.

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Speaking as such, I should be treated on a mutual ground. If I respect you, I deserve to be treated as well as I treat you. In the Army that is not a right that is mandatory.

NCOs can treat you however they please because they have earned the respect of their peers, seniors and subordinates alike. Almost every NCO I have ever met has treated me with unwaivering kindness and respect, until I mess that up.

Respect is not a right. I have behaved as a child would lately. I have become complacent. My home life, personal feelings and anything not work related should stay at home. I disrespected an NCO with almost six times as much time in service as I have under my belt.

Not only did I disrespect a Staff Sergeant, which is bad enough as it is, I disrespected my Platoon Sergeant in front of the First Sergeant, Commander, and the entire battery. I not only made myself look like stupid, disrespectful, and ungrateful but I also made my Platoon Sergeant mad, I made him raise his voice repeatedly, and I got the entire battery to turn around to see what a scene we were making.

I lost the right to be the guidon bearer, being the guidon bearer was my biggest privilege here.This is the full text for the annotated Punitive Articles of the UCMJ - Article Disrespect toward a superior commissioned officer.

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Nco Respect Essay; Nco Respect Essay. Words Feb 8th, 7 Pages. There are many reasons why lower enlisted soldiers should respect non-commissioned officers in the military.

It is important to respect an non-commissioned officer in order to keep the balance in the work place. Disrespect to a Non-Commissioned Officer; which is .

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(7) Contempt or disrespect to superior noncommissioned or petty officer. Bad-conduct discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 6 months.

Bad-conduct discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 6 months. Article 91, the insubordinate conduct towards Warrant Officer, Noncommissioned Officer, or Petty Officer. This article is put in place as a means to keep subordinates in line.

This article is put in place as a means to keep subordinates in line. The War Horse is an award-winning nonprofit newsroom focused on the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. Since I failed to complete the word essay on Disrespect to a Non-Commissioned Officer that I was ordered to do I was reordered to write this word essay on Failure to follow orders and the possible consequences I was told that if I had simply taken what was originally written and reworded it [ ].

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