Feature writing awards for kids

Tillywig Family Favorite Award "The writing and new design is top notch throughout - crisp, clear, and enlightening with a perpetually playful bent that frequently elicits young readers' smiles and keeps them glued to the page. And although the magazine is targeted to a younger audience, we found ourselves having to pry a copy out of many a parent's hands in order to allow others a chance to check it out.

Feature writing awards for kids

The Palm Beach Fla. Across the board, stories were fascinating — and well-written. The package on domestic violence was fantastic — thorough and multi-faceted. Stories were varied and interesting.

Columnists offered a strong voice to the overall mix. Good use of pullout information with many stories, and the sections gave readers a strong sense of place. Excellent variety in story content.

Airplane crash piece was highly engaging. Great idea to run stories on the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.

What a great idea for an entertainment Web channel. The channel also looked good and read well, which added up to success. Excellent political reporting and writing from someone who is clearly a master — and a longtime observer of the political scene.

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Another beautifully written piece from Carlos Frias. He could write about a toothbrush and make it compelling. Fortunately, he had a better subject — a somewhat controversial animal rescuer — and, as always, he made the most of his story.

A fascinating look at the creative process as we watched country singer Kip Moore go about writing songs. It was the moments of inspiration, as well as those of self-doubt, that kept the piece moving. And the ending — one of the few entries not to close with a quote — was perfect.

Well-done piece that took readers through a dance project at Temple University. Well-paced, with details that enhanced the characters. What a great idea for a feature — going to the places where local musicians create their music.

Short Feature Tight, bright writing of fewer than 1, words. A complicated story, told simply. Who buys used underwear?

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Better yet, who wants to talk to a journalist about it? The writer went well beyond the instant appeal of a taboo story idea and delivered a fun read on this niche aspect of secondhand shopping. The writer showed great restraint — and risk — in what could have been an oh-so-cheery story about elderly siblings.

She cleverly unpacked the long-running tension between these twin sisters with a writing style that was light but powerful. Innovative and well-done treatment of an under-reported and misunderstood condition, schizophrenia.

The personal touch worked to tell the story. Great work all around. This project was thoroughly reported, well-written, important and visually compelling. Loved this project from beginning to end. We saw how hard it was to work toward forgiveness, and we found ourselves rooting for her to gain some measure of peace.

Feature Specialty Writing Portfolio Three stories by the same writer on one features specialty topic, such as arts and entertainment, fashion, food, health, religion, technology or travel.Title Year Category Winner or Finalist Article(s) and Author(s) Editor ; TIME and Mic: Video: Winner.

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More. We work hard to deliver a superior city magazine to our readers every month. SLM Media Group is proud to say that our hard work and dedication has not gone unrecognized.

feature writing awards for kids

Here is a list of the awards our publications—and community service projects—have received over the past decade. Another fantastic source for legitimate writing contests I consulted when compiling this list, Poets & Writers vets competitions, contests, awards and grants to make sure they’re following legitimate practises and policies.

The National Magazine Awards, Each judging group chooses five finalists (seven in Reporting and Feature Writing); the same judging group selects one of the finalists to be the winner of the Ellie Award in that category.

Judging results are subject to the approval of the National Magazine Awards Board, which is composed of current and former. National Magazine Awards (List shows nominations; awards won are in all caps.) General Excellence—June, October, and November Feature Writing—“The Witness,” September

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