Glory road essay questions

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Glory road essay questions

The reason isn't just the way in which Kevin Jarre's script illuminates a frequent oversight of history books, nor is it the fine acting or epic feel that director Edward Zwick achieves on a modest budget - although those elements are part of Glory's effectiveness.

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Rather, it is the way in which the filmmakers weave an impressively Glory road essay questions historical tapestry without ever losing sight of the characters that Glory road essay questions up the individual threads.

Glory has important things to say, yet it does so without becoming pedantic. For the most part, the official history texts written about the Civil War ignore the participants of African Americans in the war effort.

In fact, nearlyfought for the North, and, at one point, the South issued a declaration that any black man taken prisoner in a Union uniform would be summarily executed. Glory tells the story of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, the "trial balloon" for black soldiers.

Commanded by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw Matthew Broderickthe regiment was comprised entirely of African Americans - some of whom were ex-slaves - willing to fight for the North.

At first, the army intended to use them only for manual labor, but, later in the war, some saw combat. The historical backdrop against which Glory transpires is mostly historically accurate.

In fact, a great deal of effort went into getting the details correct. The main events shown in the film happened much as they are depicted, some of the key characters Shaw, Frederick Douglas, etc.

Many of the secondary characters are either partially or entirely fictionalized, but they are intended to represent a broad cross-section of the types of men who joined the Massachusetts 54th. The danger in this approach is that it becomes easy to trivialize the individuals, turning them into types rather than people.

Glory road essay questions

Fortunately, Jarre's screenplay avoids the trap. The characters in Glory never seem less than three-dimensional. Glory opens with a brief prologue at Antietum, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.

During the fight, Shaw suffers a minor injury and is left by the enemy for dead. Later, after returning home on leave, he learns that the United States government is planning to form a regiment comprised exclusively of black soldiers.

In addition to focusing on Shaw and Forbes, Glory turns the camera on the small group of men who share a tent: John Rawlins Morgan Freemana runaway slave who speaks with the voice of wisdom and reason.

The first half of Glory follows the Massachusetts 54th as they undergo training, some of which is brutal. There are times when Shaw seems out of his depth, such as when he has Trip publicly flogged for desertion the standard punishment for the act, but, once the scars from past whippings on Trip's back are revealed, it is shown to be the result of poor judgment.

During the film's second hour, the regiment goes on active duty. At first, they perform a series of menial tasks, such as burning an unprotected town. Eventually, however, Shaw convinces the army to use the Massachusetts 54th in combat, and, after winning a skirmish, they become the vanguard for an attack on the seemingly impregnable Fort Wagner.

Glory could have easily become one-sided, but, instead of presenting just Shaw's perspective, Zwick successfully gives us five distinct points-of-view. We see events not only from Shaw's vantage point his is the "dominant" voice, since much of the narration is taken directly from the real-life historical documents written by the Colonelbut from those of Trip, Jupiter, Thomas, and Rawlins.

In the end, none of these men are shortchanged.

Glory (United States, 1989)

The sense of balance presented between the characters is one of Glory's strengths. Obviously, the issue of racial inequality is at the film's forefront.

The Massachusetts 54th began a long and proud tradition in the United States army of black units acquitting themselves admirably on the battlefield, despite rarely being given their due by their fellow white soldiers. What began with the 54th regiment continued throughout the Civil War and through two world wars.

The greatest achievement of the 54th was to prove to the army that black soldiers could be relied upon to fight with the same tenacity and patriotism as white soldiers. One of the myths of the s is that blacks were treated with fairness and equity in the North.See our application tips for completing the short answer, resume and essay questions.

Be prepared with a list of courses you plan to take your senior year of high school and any college-level courses you have taken (including AP, IB, dual-enrollment, etc.). Movie Small Group Discussion Questions. Glory Road. Movie Summary: 40 years ago, Don Haskins went on the recruiting trail to find the best talent in the land, black or white.

7 blacks and 5 whites made up the legendary Texas Western Miners. Glory Road is typical of heroic fantasy literature, with the hero called upon to perform impossible tasks. As such, it is part of a literary heritage that stretches from the Greek myths of.

To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.” Peter makes it clear that we have received our gifts from God for two purposes— to serve others and to bring praise to God.

Serving isn’t about us receiving attention or glory; it is for Him to receive glory. Such questions can include character development and the broader message that movie producers and writers hope to convey to their audience.

In reference to Glory what stands out to me is the emphasis on a progressive story where the individual characters as well as the unit itself becomes more closely connected or identified with the national.

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