How to write a disciple making plan

When the audio of the sermon is uploaded, we will post a link here to that as well so you can see the context in which this plan was presented to the church. Every disciple of Jesus exists to make disciples of Jesus, here and among every people group on the planet.

How to write a disciple making plan

When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die. At the heart of Trotman and the ministry he founded was the discipleship of believers—grounding Christians in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, worship, Bible study, and service. What are some of the methods of discipleship that Jesus and Paul used?

How can disciples grow in numbers? What are the marks of a mature disciple i. Definition of a Disciple and the Great Commission What is a disciple? The basic meaning is that a disciple is a learner. A disciple of Jesus is one who learns and lives from the teachings of Jesus himself and those whom Jesus taught, the apostles.

Another good definition from the Navigator is this: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

All nations are to be disciples, and this implies you have to go to them cf.

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The text indicates that it is by baptizing and by teaching. The baptizing into the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit implies both evangelism and conversion. The teaching is a teaching with a view toward obedience of all that Jesus said.

A Personal Disciple-Making Plan I grew up in a tradition that taught me to present a plan of salvation to lost souls.
Create a Disciple-Making Plan for | Tim Brister Init was the Puritan Reading Challenge.

In summary then, making disciples includes both evangelism and instruction in the Christian faith. Sarcastically, due to failures of the church myself included it is sometimes referred to as the Great Omission. The challenge of the future is simply to apply the timeless divine strategy of the past.

Nothing less than total victory should be expected in world evangelization and church growth. The first thing that one could point to is that both Jesus and Paul selected a few good men for the purpose of training. The fact that Jesus spent all night in prayer showed the importance of what he was doing in selecting the disciples.

He only chose Beyond that, he focused on three Peter, James and John. The whole future of the church would rest in the faithfulness of God working though only a few men. In regard to Paul, his discipleship method is seen in 2 Timothy 2: This verse describes the type of people who should be discipled, that is faithful people.

There are some very prominent discipleship relationships in the Bible that illustrate its importance. Now the questions is, who do we have?

how to write a disciple making plan

A second aspect of discipleship that is modeled in both Jesus and Paul is that they had a life to life association with their disciples. Paul did the same with his disciples. A good example is when Paul picked up Timothy to go with Paul on his missionary journey.

Personal Disciple-Making Plan

And behold, a certain disciple was there, named Timothy, the son of a Jewish woman who was a believer, but his father was a Greek, and he was well spoken of by the brethren who were in Lystra and Iconium. Jesus preached but he sent the disciples out to preach; Jesus healed but he sent the 12 out to heal Matt We should always be trying to work ourselves out of a job.DESIGNING A DISCIPLESHIP PLAN USING SMALL GROUPS Approaches to making disciples through closed, small groups fall into two broad categories: 1) systematic and 2) nonsystematic.

The Disciple’s Personality, The Disciple’s Victory, and The Disciple’s Mission. Develop a Discipleship Plan. 8 STEPS IN CHRISTIAN DISCIPLE MAKING; 8 STEPS IN CHRISTIAN DISCIPLE MAKING. January 17, I grew up in a tradition that taught me to present a plan of salvation to lost souls.

This included reading or quoting a few key verses and asking for an immediate I write adult curriculum for the United Methodist Church and have been doing so for. A Curricular Plan of Discipleship Matthew’s handbook for the church Why did Matthew write his gospel?

John clearly had an evangelistic aim (Jn ), but Matthew wrote his gospel for the church, for those who already follow Jesus. Hull states in his book, The Disciple Making Pastor, “Disciple making takes more faith than any.

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Disciple Making Plan Submitted to LBTS Faculty & Students, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of any course All LBTS Course Prefixes and Numbers Scott M.

Gibson and Warren Wiersbe write about the importance in what is preached and its relationship to the plan. They underscore the value of God’s Word and the need. Create a Disciple-Making Plan for by Tim Brister | Dec 28, | Discipleship But I came to the sobering realization that I wasn’t doing much as a disciple-making practitioner.

Things had to change. Making Disciples Is Hard. Making disciples is the call of every believer in Jesus Christ. Yet, I dare say for most of us, it has been.

personal disciple-making plan As we follow Christ, he transforms our minds, our desires, our wills, our relationships, and our ultimate reason for living. Every disciple of Jesus exists to make disciples of Jesus, here and among every people group on the planet.