How to write a youth sports bios

We pulled some of the crappiest pre-comp bios ever written by SFS athletes and decided you all need a tutorial on filling in the blanks and a little media training.

How to write a youth sports bios

Email This column was written by Geoffrey Norman. The other day, I was reading my morning newspaper remember them?

There was the Washington sex scandal that would not go away, the election that could not come soon enough, the war that will never end, and … too much. I turned to the sports for some relief. There was a time when you could count on the sports section for news that was at least conclusive.

Somebody won and somebody lost. One player was the hero; another the goat.

how to write a youth sports bios

And, in the golden days of sports writing, you could find prose that would transport you and give you that sublime feeling that comes with understanding something true about the world. Reading Red Smith, say, or W.

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Heinz was like reading a good novel remember them? You read them for the real news; for the truths they caught, in prose, about the human condition. Kempton, of course, was a genius, and, typical of him, he chose to write about the losing pitcher in that game, Sal Maglie of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

There are still gifted writers working the sports pages.

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Tom Boswell, for one, makes the Washington Post worth the price. But something has happened to the sports pages.

You don't get the old feeling of clarity when you read them these days. Maybe it is because the games are all on television, and even if you miss them, the scores are there on ESPN, where you can catch up on who won and lost while you are shaving. So the stories on the sports pages are now about this other stuff.

For instance, there was the story that caught my eye when I had fled from the front page. It was all about how Michelle Wie had fired her agent and hired a new one.

This in a year when she had already fired her caddy and hired a new one. Well, now, how about that. It's news, I suppose, that a teenaged girl, a golfer who hasn't won anything yet, is making some personnel changes in her retinue.

But somehow, it just didn't give me the lift I'd once counted on from the sports pages.Writing biographies for children is an emotionally rewarding task, often for both the writer and the biographical subject. A child's biography can create special moments of remembrance together and a record of these memories when the child is older.

When writing a bio for your child, it's important to keep the information accurate and up-to-date as the child participates in new productions.

Write your child's name in the first sentence of the biography. North American Youth Sports Verified Listing The information on this page was verified by the business owner and approved by the editorial staff at Best of the Web.

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