Interesting character in q and a

Edit This is the main info on character Goals—all articles should link here instead of re-explaining it. Aaron Sorkin has said the audience must also want it for them. With a morally good character such as a hero-type, or even anti-hero type you will want the readers to support the character. With a morally bad character villian-type or some anti-hero types it is harder to convince the reader to also want the character to suceed, but it can be done.

Interesting character in q and a

Having grown up in the south during a time of open racism I was able to observe the disrespect displayed towards black people.


I was especially appalled by the manner in which elderly black people were expected to be respected by white children and not the reverse. This being said I have to say that my favorite character and the one who I find most interesting is Calpurnia.

In her role she guides and nurtures Scout. She is maternal an exposes Scout to feminine attributes.

Interesting character in q and a

Many women in her position were underappreciated, but continued to raise white children as if they were their own. Calpurnia takes Scout to her own community, segregation was alive and well during the period in the story.

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She teaches Scout that there are two worlds, one in which she lives and one in which she works. She is not afraid to teach these things to Scout. Boo, as a character just thinks differently than me and you.

He wants to communicate with the children so much, leaving them gifts like twine and soap-dolls in the nook of the tree, yet he never comes out of his house again as if his work is done. And, why does the book say "Eric There are at least two very interesting female characters despite what others have said.

Interesting character in q and a

Both of which are incredibly gifted and are lauded after for their talents, both of . the main character in call of the wild is a dog named buck. i would say the sceond most impornatat character is his master, John thornton. another main character is buck's riv al Spitz, another dog. Creating interesting characters is key.

Interesting characters have goals, are active in the story, and develop/learn along the way.

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With characters that have depth, readers will want to know more about them and, in essence, the story itself. Feb 25,  · Paradox Interactive's Crusader Kings 2 is rich in possibilities for everything related to Game of Thrones, and this list of top five interesting characters to play will give you the best place to.

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11 rows · Anna Mueller: Bella Dayne: She works as a transcriber for Fetch and Retrieve's new .

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