Negative and positive impact of globalization towards human being

Here are four ways that globalization has had a positive impact on the world economy:

Negative and positive impact of globalization towards human being

Connect With Us Globalization and the Tourism Industry The current global recession is impacting the tourist industry worldwide and few places are immune. Countries, such as the UAE, which boasted about its immunity in Aprilsaw massive lay-offs in construction in its capital Dubai, only a few months later due to fewer tourist dollars.

Negative and positive impact of globalization towards human being

While international travel is down, local and regional travel is doing relatively better as people decide to travel closer to home. For many countries, such as the Bahamas and other island economies, it is the main source of income and employment.

About million people worldwide are employed in travel and tourism. Tourism and Culture Culture influences and is influenced by tourism. Many people choose to travel to learn about different cultures. Heritage travel allows visitors to historic and culturally-significant sites.

Heritage travelers often gain opportunities to meet with local members of the community and learn about their customs and ways of life. Promotion of the heritage sites and the provision of translation and related educational services increases the likelihood that tourists will visit the heritage sites.

In response, many institutions promote sustainable tourism in which local cultures are preserved. Tourism and Development The U. World Tourism Organization states that tourism is one of the best ways for poor countries to earn foreign currency.

Government can encourage tourism through regulations, official statements, collaborations, and incentives across multiple governmental bodies. The UNWTO focuses on helping developing countries with sustainable tourism policies and provides technical and financial assistance to countries seeking to attract foreign tourists and educate tourism specialists.

There are different strategies for communities to use tourism to strengthen the economy. Community-based tourism is usually run by local residents who invite tourists to visit their local communities, including offering overnight accommodations.

Shared leadership emphasizing community well-being over individual profit, balances power within communities, and fosters traditional culture, conservation, and responsible stewardship of the land. Muckosy note that community-based tourism is not the answer to poverty alleviation since it does not reduce poverty on a large scale; they note that locals should connect to mainstream tourism whose benefits are well-documented rather than develop alternative tourist options.

How Does Globalization Affect Culture

Mitchell notes that governments should focus on strategies that increase the pie and increase the portion allotted to the poor and that governments should not neglect domestic tourism by the local middle class.

From Asia to Africa, look-alike resorts and spas are replacing and undermining local culture, and the international quest for vacation houses is forcing local residents out of their homes. Sustainable Tourism Sustainable tourism and ecotourism are two possible routes to address the myriad of environmental and social problems associated with tourism.

An article on Mediterranean policy and sustainable tourism notes how different government policies can affect sustainability. Rejuvenation policies that try to make an area more competitive in the international market, but usually only address the economic aspects of sustainable tourism.

Quality Improvement policies can attract more high spenders, but are costly and may not improve the environmental aspects of sustainable tourism and can hurt the economy if the policies discourage mass tourism. Diversification strategies that create niche markets can be helpful, but should not be used if they require large-scale changes in the cultural and natural environment.Other negative impacts of globalization in developing countries include the alteration of the environment and reduction in environmental sustainability, increase in human trafficking, exploitation of cheap labour by foreign industrialists.

4 positive impacts of globalization on world economy.

Negative and positive impact of globalization towards human being

News; Here are four ways that globalization has had a positive impact on the world economy: 1. More efficient markets. 3 negative impacts of globalization on the United States.

Read Now. 2. Increased competition. Globalization from the point of view has positive effects as well as negative effects. It has increased the access of higher education example universities and reducing the knowledge gap in developing countries, it equally has negative aspects which can seriously threaten universities in those countries.

Discover how globalization impacts governments and investors both in positive and negative ways, as well as some overall trends to consider.

The Balance The Impact of Globalization On Economic Growth. Menu Search Go. Go. Below is a look beyond the everyday implications of globalization and towards the economic implications that impact.

Negative And Positive Impact Of Globalization Towards Human Being. The Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization Is Globalization ultimately positive or negative, or somewhere in between?I believe it depends on who you ask the question, and how it affects their life. In the summer of , Industrial Relations Counselors (IRC) sponsored ORC Worldwide (an HR consulting firm partially owned by IRC) to conduct a survey of human resource professionals to examine the impact of working hours, technological advances, and other pressures—both work- and family-based—on their health, well-being, and family life and the consequent impact on their organizational.

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