Purloined letter essay

The individual who purloined it is known; this beyond a doubt; he was seen to take it. It is known, also, that it still remains in his possession.

Purloined letter essay

Ali Vaez AliVaez - Jeffrey Lewis ArmsControlWonk - Mossad operatives broke into the building one night last January, removed the original documents and smuggled them back to Israel the same night, the official said. Why, if no nuclear files were there at that time, did the Mossad put a random warehouse in Tehran under observation?

Most likely both claims are false. The slide above shows a screenshot of a satellite picture of Shurabad, a warehousing district in south Tehran.

Purloined letter essay

The coordinates are Israel claims it detected the archive site in early How does that fit with a satellite picture in the presentation that was then already replaced by newer ones and only available in a historic timeline view?

Presumably the satellite picture was part of the stash the Israelis acquired.

Purloined letter essay

Iran had no reason to give the IAEA such a picture. It gave the IAEA inspectors physical access to its sites and did not hide anything.

It is thus very likely that the IAEA made that screenshot of a satellite picture at the time it inspected the site during the and period to document its work. One of his slides shows the potential position of a nuclear device in a missile as drawn in a well known sketch by Iranian scientists.

He later claims that current Iranian missiles with a longer range could hold such a device. The new Iranian missiles use a "baby bottle" nose cone that is too small to hold a device like the one researched by Iranian scientist 15 years ago.

No current Iranian missile is capable of carrying such a nuclear device. The Agency also assessed that these activities did not advance beyond feasibility and scientific studies, and the acquisition of certain relevant technical competences and capabilities.

Iran did feasibility studies to assess what was needed to start a nuclear weapon development program. It never started such a program. The feasibility studies were related to a potential Iraqi nuclear weapon program which would have threatened Iran.

The shutdown in was confirmed in a U. Everything he presented was already well known and the technical details had long been discussed at length.

The claims of how and when the Israelis intelligence acquired the files do not make sense. The Mossad fairytale is that its agents broke into a warehouse building in Tehran, opened two dozen combination lock safes slide 8 in the showhauled out half a ton of materials and put those onto a plane to Israel in the very same night.

Even Hollywood would reject such an implausible script. The folders Netanyahoo presented were all empty. Netanyahoo presented nonsense and lied just as he always does.If the course starts on any date other than those listed the student must drop the course prior to the first day of the class to receive a full refund.

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