Starbucks imc case study

The Art of Endless Transformation How founder Howard Schultz keeps his iconic coffee shop chain on top after all these years.

Starbucks imc case study

Best Starbucks marketing campaigns: It took a blizzard to hit America for Starbucks to come up with a social media campaign that celebrates warm coffee in winter. The company exploded with Facebook and Twitter posts surrounding conversations around the snow storm, nicknamed Nemo. Nothing extraordinary - just the images of people in the cold weather holding warm cups of coffee.

These were promoted with Facebook Ads and Promoted Tweets, meaning they appeared when people searched for weather-related hashtags such as Nemo or blizzard.

The users had to share and tag photos of their red cups for a chance to win one of five prizes, and of course to include the redcupcontest hashtag.

In a photo was shared every 14 seconds on Instagram in the first two days, gathering a total of 40, entries over the course of the contest.

How did the contest become so successful? Customers got used to the fact that the closer the holiday, the more brands try to advertise their products and make them buy anything. A good-hearted holiday-themed contest looks much more attractive. Sign up to receive one email a week with exclusive, actionable tips on social media and digital marketing.

In two months, more than 27, users had tweeted a coffee. Not only that, but Starbucks got the info, such as Twitter handles, for thousands of coffee-lovers! Charity Campaign Combining charity, customer engagement, and collaboration with another social media platform is the definition of taking things a step further.

Starbucks: Best and Worst Marketing Campaigns (Case Study)

If you want to know how to pull that off, turn to Starbucks. Once upon a time, the company teamed up with Foursquare, a local search-and-discovery service mobile app, to help spread awareness about AIDS.

Meet me at Starbucks And once again about user-generated content, this time in the form of text. Starbucks is surely a great place for first dates, second dates, meetups with friends, and even lunches with strangers.

For the whole year! You can imagine the level of response to that.

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The campaign was introduced worldwide, so people got to read the most exciting stories and see Starbucks from the whole new angle. But the good thing is, knowing what not to do is often at least as important as knowing what to do.

RaceTogether Perhaps the most scandalous Starbucks marketing campaign, Race Together, started with the CEO Howard Schultz pointing out the importance of the conversation that should surround race issues.

That ended up in the initiative of evoking the conversation with the Starbucks barista. Each cup had the Racetogether written on it to encourage customers to talk about these issues with the barista. The idea seemed noble, however blindly stupid.

Starbucks imc case study

I mean… What were they thinking? The campaign hit a backlash on social media and was terminated in six days. All it called for was to spread cheerful holiday messages to everyone.Transcript of Starbuck's Case Study.

Starbucks Case Study Group Four Starbucks Corporate was established in A cross between a retail coffee bean store and espresso bar/cafe. Expanded into tea, single-cup coffee segment, bottled drinks, food, juice, and more.

Starbucks case study analysis Founding Starbucks is an international coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 19, stores in 58 countries, The first Starbucks opened in Seattle, Washington, on March 30, by three partners: English teacher Jerry.

Starbucks has evolved into a great success due to their implementation of Integrated Marketing Communications. What is integrated marketing communication?

For many, IMC is concerned with the harmonization of customer oriented promotional messages.

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Strategic Analysis Of Starbucks Corporation 1) Introduction: Starbucks Corporation, an American company founded in in Seattle, WA, is a premier roaster, marketer and. In regard to all these, the concept of IMC is also developing that is known as Integrated Marketing Communications (Armstrong & Kotler, ).

Integrated marketing communication is the marketing strategy that integrates all the promotional mix of a company like personal selling, sales promotion, publicity, direct marketing and advertising.

The Marketing Strategy Of Starbucks And Its Effectiveness Marketing Essay. Print Reference this. Published Case study is regarded as most convenient research methodology to review the marketing effectiveness of Starbucks. Case study would consider the best in class marketing communication tools including social media marketing to aid the.

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