The significance of mass media

Mass Relays Mass relays are feats of Prothean engineering advanced far beyond the technology of any living species. They are enormous structures scattered throughout the stars, and can create corridors of virtually mass-free space allowing instantaneous transit between locations separated by years or even centuries of travel using conventional FTL drives. Primary mass relays can propel ships thousands of light years, often from one spiral arm of the galaxy to another. However, they have fixed one-to-one connections:

The significance of mass media

In the last year, which was a year of its 25th anniversary, the holding managed to generate RUB billion of revenue. And successful performance of the production programme allowed TAIF Group to further implement its strategic plans.

A reporter of Realnoe Vremya had an insight into the Group's financial and production results for At the same time, the revenue made up over RUB billion having exceeded the same indicator for the previous year - RUB According to the results ofthis indicator totaled over RUB billion i.


The growth in the companies' earnings drives the growth in the earnings of the republic since TAIF is one of the major taxpayers in Tatarstan. Thus, last year, over RUB 63 billion of taxes and charges was paid out of the proceeds earned to all-level budgets and non-budgetary funds.

This included RUB Like in the preceding years, the major share of the revenue profile consisted of the proceeds from sales, renting of property and suretyship services.

The company's financial sustainability indicators calculated based on its annual performance exceeded the standard value. Thus, equity-to-total-assets ratio amounted to 0.

For many years, the Group's companies have been holding strong positions in the Russian petrochemicals and oil refining market. Petrochemical and oil products manufactured by the Group are in high demand both in the domestic market and abroad. And despite the economic uncertainty increased lately and extension of economic sanctions by the US and EU states, the Group managed to raise its revenue from selling petrochemical and oil products by RUB TAIF Group's sales revenue in the foreign and domestic markets for And the Group's sales proceeds from the chemical and petrochemical businesses amounted to RUB Revenue grew by At the same time, investments in fixed assets made up RUB Due to the strategy adopted, the main production capacities for the key products have been expanded over 15 years.

Thus, ethylene production expanded 1. TAIF has been implementing large-scale investment projects for the past few years aimed at the construction of new production facilities and revamp of those already existing.

All investment programmes are of a long-lasting nature and are continuously upgraded with a glance to the current economic environment.

Implementation of the development programs is estimated to cost RUB billion. This will allow earning proceeds in the amount of ca. In addition to petrochemicals and power energy, TAIF Group has businesses operating in other areas, too, namely, in the fields of construction, telecommunications, trade, services, and investments.

Record Processing Volumes The development of petrochemical, chemical, and power energy sectors as the areas of strategic significance for the industry and economy of the Republic of Tatarstan is the main vector of TAIF Group's activity.

These businesses comprise the major share in the group's consolidated indicators.

The significance of mass media

Last year was a watershed moment for oil production and oil and gas processing sectors of the industry because of a dramatic slump in global oil prices.Importance of electronic media in communication Communication is the passing of information by utilizing various media among them electronic media.

Electronic media uses media such as television, radio, and internet enabled computers made possible by .

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Mass Media in a Changing World introduces students to the world of media through a unique structure that makes the material easily intelligible and meaningful to their lives. Each chapter is divided into three-part narrative sections: history, industry, and controversy.

Mass Media in a Changing World is the story of where the media came from, why they do what they do, and why those actions. Aug 07,  · Mass Media and Its Importance. 7 08 When we use the term media in this context we speak of print and electronic media, the so called mass media.

Media affect our modern life in nearly every way. With a turn of a magazine page or an easy flip of the TV channel there at our disposal is a huge array of potential identity. In Mass Media Funk, you will find articles about news stories, magazine articles or TV programs of interest to skeptics, which do not pander to the public's appetite for the occult and supernatural..

Note: because many of the sites linked to here are newspapers or magazines, it is impossible to maintain the links. The studies of violence in mass media analyzes the degree of correlation between themes of violence in media sources (particularly violence in video games, television and films) with real-world aggression and violence over social scientists support the correlation.

However, some scholars argue that media research has methodological problems and that findings are exaggerated.(Ferguson. News is the primary source of information for the overwhelming number of people in modern mass democracies.

The significance of mass media

Through news coverage, political leaders gain access to the public, providing opportunities to lead the public and set its policy agenda. Presidential news can be thought of as all stories that mention the president or only those in which .

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