Unprofessional police officers in the police force essay

The author first looks at the development of the modern police force. This is followed by an examination of philosophies of policing. The article then details the major social factors facing police in their jobs from day to day. The article is concluded by a discussion of differential treatment of suspects based on race and corruption in police forces.

Unprofessional police officers in the police force essay

It is the job of all law enforcement personnel to expose misconduct and corruption within their ranks and not stand idly by and let that conduct permeate and destroy the reputation and honor of the profession. Corruption is something that happened during those times and does not happen anymore, they say.

That is far from the truth. Police corruption and misconduct is just as pervasive today as it was in the sixties and seventies, if not more so in some respects. Over the past few decades police departments have come under more scrutiny which has led to more investigations of corrupt cops, either by their own department or outside agencies.

Corruption and misconduct in law enforcement are age-old problems that have plagued American society since the first law officer pinned on a badge. There is a distinct difference between corruption and misconduct. David Fagan in Baltimore: This is now forbidden by most police departments because it conveyed an image of corruption to the public.

Bribery is also common in cases of corruption where an officer will accept payment to overlook a crime or a possible future crime, ticket fixing, altering testimony, destroying evidence and selling criminal information. Shakedowns involve the stealing of items for personal use from a crime scene or an arrest.

Undermining criminal prosecutions by withholding evidence or Unprofessional police officers in the police force essay to appear in court for bribery or as a personal favor. Lying to protect other officers or themselves in court or during a departmental investigation. Others have been involved in direct criminal activity and planting or adding evidence, especially in drug cases.

In actuality there is nothing noble about this form of corruption or any other type of police misconduct or corruption. Federal law, through both criminal and civil statutes, specifically targets police misconduct.

Unprofessional police officers in the police force essay

Federal law is applicable to all state, county, and local officers. The federal criminal statute makes it unlawful for anyone acting with police authority to deprive or conspire to deprive another person of any right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. Another statute, commonly referred to as the police misconduct provision, makes it unlawful for state and local police to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of their rights.

Federal law also prohibits discrimination in police work. These laws prohibit conduct ranging from racial slurs and unjustified arrests to refusal of departments to respond to discrimination complaints. Police corruption and misconduct is not specific to any geographical location, nor if the law enforcement agency is run by an elected sheriff or an appointed police chief.

The race of the officers involved plays no part. Some departments take an aggressive approach to combatting corruption and misconduct within their ranks by staffing internal affairs investigators who work with closely with local prosecutors. The latter is what frustrates many good cops I have spoken to over the years.

When they see misconduct and corruption they are fearful to come forward because some have seen police supervisors and top brass getting away with offenses that they themselves could be arrested for and or fired.

Studies have shown that proper leadership and command structure are vital to fighting misconduct and corruption in a police department. But what happens when those in command engage in deplorable conduct and it is covered up?

What message does that portray to the rank and file? Over the years I have spoken to officers from all across the country. Some of the stories I was told were pretty disturbing. How would one expect officers to feel about ethics in law enforcement when their own bosses cover up crimes to protect themselves?

A police administrator who received oral sex from a prostitute in a business establishment. Another who was involved in a domestic violence incident when his wife found out that he was having sexual relations with a female subordinate. She called for assistance and he ran outside to his take home police vehicle and cancelled the call.

Another whose department was under investigation by the FBI and told his officers not to talk to the feds until they talk to his personal attorney.

Another whose wife found out about an ongoing affair with a female member of his department.effective policing, and are lost when police engage in unconstitutional or unprofessional conduct. Next is an overview of the basic organization and operational components of a police department, followed by further discussion of the importance of community support and involvement in policing.

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Police brutality occurs when a law enforcement officers use excessive or unlawful force while on or off duty. "Established: A Pattern of Abuse" is an article in The Humanist, written by Barbara Dority.

Consolidation of police agencies would employ over officers and if properly trained and managed, could lead to a far more professional police force largely due to increased salaries and benefits, increased training, specialized services, and .

If police did not have the right or the power to use force it could result in injuries and deaths to members of our police force on a regular basis.

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