What make a wife happy

There are signs and plaques sold all over America, often bought for men to follow this advice as they enter marriage. Many churches have incorporated this idea into their marriage courses and counseling programs.

What make a wife happy

However, just like the single scene, married life has its perks. In fact, research shows that a happy and successful marriage is often synonymous with a happy and successful career.

And a lot of husbands out there want to know what they can do to make, and keep, their wife happy. The reason most men get this wrong is because they are trying to do the right thing. They immediately sense their woman is unhappy and they want to fix it, but sometimes listening is not an action verb.

Word to the Wise: If your wife vents to you and not to her best friend, count yourself very, very lucky. That means she trusts you, and talking to you makes her feel better.

If you went to the grocery store on a date which would be weird you can guarantee that guy would take that cart. See what I mean? Refrain from doing spontaneous cleaning around the house. Many women myself included tend to see un-requested household help as an insult to our skill as a homemaker even if we never wanted to be a damn homemaker to begin with.

Instead ASK her if you can help with anything around the house.

I focus on her needs first.

This means you both had some interests apart from each other. Interests that you still have. We women rank our loved ones and best friends by who we call first when we have good news.

Start returning the favor. Casually working little spousal praises into conversations can go a long way in showing your spouse how much you respect and admire them.

What make a wife happy

In fact, studies show that married couples have more sex than unmarried individuals. There are a lot of theories as to why. So it only seems that you were having more sex before marriage simply because each time you saw each other, you boinked! Studies have shown that men prefer married sex because quality is better than quantity.

Would you rather have a dozen slightly inhibited, awkward, decent bangs a month or an uninhibited, stress relieving, costume involving, multiple-orgasm-having shag once or twice a week? While, it may take a while to turn these tips into habits, the reward will be worth it.Being able to sexually satisfy your woman in bed is one of the greatest skills you can acquire.

Menprovement will provide you the best guidance to acquire such skills. I am a single man and i have never had sex before so how can I make my wife more happier if I marry? Reply. Pls man I need tips on how to always make her happy around me.

Jun 23,  · 2. Tell your wife what she does that you appreciate. For five whole minutes, tell her what she does that makes you happy and feel appreciative and grateful. Make a habit of the doing the things that make her happy -- before she asks you to.

Anticipate what needs to be done and handle it. Don't make a big deal about announcing it and fishing for a compliment every time you help. “Happy wife-Happy life” is neither wise, nor Biblical.

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In many ways “Happy wife-Happy life” is a form of idolatry, it makes a man’s wife’s desires the central focus of his life, taking his focus off God. May 24,  · I have been thinking of ways to make her happy, making attempts all the times.

Using my skills, like making slides of her pictures along a romantic song and posting on Facebook, also I made a deep house track for her and sent her vetconnexx.coms: 5.

Do you only have five minutes to make your wife happy per day? No, you probably have more, but it's a good thought experiment to show that even tiny increments of time can make a huge difference.

How to Keep Your Wife Happy (6 Tips She Wants You to Know)